Job description

SOUNDBOKS is an emerging young audio tech company. You may have seen us at your favorite music festival, street party, in the Sahara Desert or on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We build the loudest, most durable, and arguably the coolest Bluetooth speaker on the market.


We’re a product-first company, but we’re far from traditional. Our work environment is dynamic, empowering and exciting. And that’s not code for demanding, thankless and overwhelming. We work together in order to work smarter, we inspire each other to be better, and we never forget that every member of the team is responsible for our success.


With over 50 employees in Los Angeles and Copenhagen, SOUNDBOKS is equal parts seasoned professionals and passionate unconventionals. We’ve got an awesome thing going, and it’s only getting better. 


The SOUNDBOKS Career Hub is an initiative to give you the chance to become more familiar with our organisation, while offering the assurance of direct contact when an opportunity that fits your exact profile is made available. We set high standards for our future employees, thus an application for the Career Hub does not mean automated acceptance. However, we promise to read through every application carefully and provide a personal response.

A career with SOUNDBOKS means working within one of the following teams:

  • Finance
  • People operations
  • Production
    • Supply Chain
    • Product Development
  • Marketing
    • Communications
    • Creative
    • Community
  • Sales
    • E-Commerce
    • Offline Sales

Intrigued? With us you get more than a paycheck, you get to become part of a team that stands on each other’s shoulders in pursuit of a shared vision. We do not care what you look like, if you are introvert or extrovert, or if you dress up squirrels as a side business. However, we do care greatly that you are confident in your own capacity, willing to push beyond your comfort zone, and believe in a collective approach to success. If you’re tired of all of the noise in the job market, we’d love to hear from you. This may be the coolest job you ever have.